To successfully control a project, the Project Manager needs to meet two objectives:

  • >> Balance the need for accurate, timely and relevant information against the time, effort and cost of¬†collecting and analysing the data so as to achieve optimum benefit from the process


  • >> Communicate clearly and effectively to all team members why this information is vital to the success of the project and ensure they understand that in supplying accurate data they are contributing to the success of the project and that their time is being well spent

Whether engaged by the client to support a project on a part time basis, or to be embedded as a full time member of the client project team, Exertus Opus will focus on integrating into the client team, project and culture to cost effectively facilitate the gathering of this vital data and then efficiently and effectively report and present this data to the client in a clear and concise way, in formats that assist effective management and decision making so as to constructively influence the time and cost outcomes of the project that results in the best outcome for the client business.separator

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